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The Sharp shooter self defense will not only increase your confidence, happiness, and safety when walking, but will also make your walk more enjoyable. The Sharp Shooter self defense keychains are extremely durable, and a very effective self defense device.

Many manufacturers today are gearing their keychains towards cheap sales and not concerned about quality and durability.

The Super Sharp Shooter Keychain gives you the combination of power, speed and accuracy.

At only $12.95 the original sharp shooter is easily the best value for your  money.The Sharp Shooter Keychain will do just that. No matter if a person is a woman, a man, old or young, by purchasing the Sharp Shooter Keychain, they will become fully protected. Remember, the police cannot be there all the time. But a Sharp Shooter Keychain can be their all the time. To learn more about the Sharp Shooter Keychain, please visit