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Kids karate Walthm

Kids Karate Belmont MA / Waltham MA Area

Grandmaster Robert Moran is a 10’th degree black belt and has been teaching Belmont,Waltham,Cambridge,Lexington,Watertown, and Newton Residence Karate Since 1985.

karate watertown ma

Great Karate Classes In Your Area

A Convenient Location For Belmont,Cambridge,Lexington,Watertown,Waltham, and Newton Residence. Master Moran has had and is well known for his Martial Arts schools in Watertown MA, Waltham MA and has been in Belmont MA for 18 years. His Son Robert JR has been training 20 years in Karate. now they have teamed up together to run the

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Calling All Kubotan/Pocket Stick Instructors

Do you teach or run Kubotan seminars? Are you looking for new, original Kubotan self defense techniques? Well now you can super charge your seminars with the Sharp Shooter Self Defense Keychain. We are seeking self defense instructors to teach and spread the word about our amazing but tiny self defense keychain. Bring new excitement

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Personal #edc safety the best personal safety EDC

The Sharp shooter self defense will not only increase your confidence, happiness, and safety when walking, but will also make your walk more enjoyable. The Sharp Shooter self defense keychains are extremely durable, and a very effective self defense device. Many manufacturers today are gearing their keychains towards cheap sales and not concerned about quality and durability. The

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ApocalypseEquipped Review: SharpShooter

Saturday, May 16, 2015 Review: SharpShooter I saw a cool impact weapon in one of my feeds, and got in touch with its creator, Karate Master Robert Moran,  to see if I could try one out. Master Moran was kind enough to send me one, and I’ve carried it in my pocket for some time

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